Reasons Why You Should Give Your Girlfriend A Promise Ring

Promise rings may seem old fashioned, but they’ll make your girlfriend beyond happy. How do you know if she’s the girl to give it to? You can’t go around giving prom rings to every girl you date, they’re special gifts that promise you will marry her someday. That’s why you need to be sure she is the one.

  1. You don’t doubt your love for her. Promise rings are completely out of the question if you ever find yourself imagining your life without her and feeling like it would be better. If you get annoyed with her often and if you go cold at the thought of spending the rest of your life with her, don’t give her a promise ring. If you love her and you want to make her your wife, give her a promise ring.
  2. You want to get engaged, but you’re too young or you don’t have enough money. A promise ring doesn’t need to be expensive and is a great way to promise her that you will get engaged once you’re financially capable of buying a proper ring and having a wedding. Women want to know that you see a future with them, so this will reassure her that you’re working towards a better future with her.
  3. You’re fully committed to her. When you’re young, you may love somebody without wanting to be tied down. This is because you want to experience all the world has to offer without worrying about someone else. In this case, a promise ring would be a false promise. Don’t give her a promise ring until you’re sure you’re ready to commit and settle down.

Remember that it should be your decision. If your girlfriend is pressuring you into getting her a ring, you already know she’s not the one.